Peach State Update - November 1996

A Message from Your Editor

Hope you all have enjoyed the beginning of another year with the GA/SLA Chapter. Again, I wish to thank Julie Schein for her arduous task of finding interesting special librarians to profile in each issue. If you know of someone you think should be profiled, please feel free to contact Julie. I'm excited about this issue because it's packed full of information - about each other, our Chapter, and how it is growing and changing with our information age. I look forward to seeing you all at our annual Holiday Party at Agatha's Mystery Theater in December and wish you all a great holiday. Please continue to contribute to your newsletter, and thanks again for your support and interest in the Georgia Chapter.


by Roger Glenn

September Program: Ms. Sylvia Piggott, President of the Special Libraries Association

It was a pleasure that the Chapter received Sylvia Piggott, President of the Special Libraries Association on September 20th, 1996 at the Terrace Garden Inn. Lunch provided a good opportunity for members to have fellowship, and after lunch, Sylvia spoke for nearly two hours, providing her opinions and advice on the market and management of a career as a librarian.

Her remarks were enjoyable and insightful. I noted that it was not difficult to understand why she is President of the Association. For any that are interested, I have copies of her presentation and would be happy to send duplicates to you. Over 40 members attended the meeting, which was generously sponsored by WavePhore NEWSCAST. Paula Nickerson attended and spoke to the group briefly about the service that WavePhore offers. She also distributed some literature to attendees. Thank you, WavePhore!!!

Special thanks to Jeanne LaRocco, Rosalind Lett, Joanne Tobin, and Holly Buchanan for their efforts towards the meeting.


Note: The following is a chronology of letters and announcements that transpired between Jeanne LaRocco, SLA/GA Chapter President, and Mr. Jim Mears, SLA Board of Directors.

"At the SLA Board of Director Meeting, October 24-25, 1996, the Board will be selecting a site location for the 2001 Winter Meeting. I would like to let you know that the staff will be proposing the sites of Savannah, Georgia and Washington, DC as possible hosts. The exact dates of the meeting would be January 25-27, 2001. In June of 1997 at the Seattle Annual Conference, the SLA Board of Directors will be selecting the site of the 2006 Annual Conference. Staff is currently investigating the city of Atlanta as a possible site. Other locations under consideration are Boston, MA; Baltimore, MD, and Miami, FL. Chapter input on site selection is welcome. Please feel free to give me a call with any questions or concerns."

Jim Mear

"Dear Jim:

Thank you for your recent letter announcing the possibility of holding two national meetings in the state of Georgia. On behalf of the membership of the Georgia Chapter, I would like to express our keen interest and enthusiasm for these events. Both Savannah and Atlanta benefited from improvements made in preparation for the 1996 Summer Olympic Games and are excellent locations fo future SLA meetings.

Savannah, Georgia is an ideal setting for the 2001 Winter Meeting site. This historic city has been named "The Most Beautiful City in North America" by Le Monde, a French news daily. Also, Savannah has been named one of the Top Ten travel destinations in the United States. The city is rich in accommodations, ranging from large hotels to quaint Bed & Breakfasts, and hosts several world class restaurants. In addition to the charms of the city itself, the Georgia Chapter has several active members living and working in Coastal Georgia, who would be pleased to arrange for tours of historic sites, libraries, colleges and institutions. For additional information on the city of Savannah and its amenities, you may wish to consult the following Web sites:

The Georgia Chapter has a history of providing gracious hospitality to the national membership of SLA. In 1994, as hosts for the Annual Conference, we were delighted to share our knowledge of Atlanta and its surrounding area with over 5,000 attendees. The members of the Georgia Chapter are a talented group and very active in SLA on both the local and national levels.

On behalf of the membership of the Georgia Chapter of Special Libraries Association, I would like to officially invite the SLA Board of Directors to hold the 2001 Winter Meeting/Winter Education Conference in Savannah, Georgia. We look forward to the opportunity of demonstrating our "Southern hospitality" to the Association in the 21st Century. Should you have need of further information, please feel free to contact me. Jeanne LaRocco

To SLA/GA Chapter Board and Officers

"Good news!
I just received a letter from Jim Mears stating that the SLA Board of Directors selected Savannah as the site of the 2001 Winter Meeting.

The official dates are January 25-26 with the Winter Education Conference to be held January 29-31.

Thanks for your input and suggestions that made this happen! Jeanne LaRocco


Submitted by Deborah Anne Broocker with assistance from Dr. Abdullahi

Some of you might have been wondering what has been happening professionally to recent library school graduates who have been involved with the SLA Student Chapter at Clark Atlanta University (CAU). Dr. Ismail Abdullahi, the Student Chapter Advisor, helped to contribute some information on the whereabouts of several people and here's what we came up with. Brought to you in alphabetical order are the following people:

Stephanie Atkinson, Past President of the Student Chapter, as of mid-August, was about to accept a position as a solo librarian of a small, nonprofit organization in Macon, GA, or a position within the Public Library of Brooklyn, New York. It is interesting to note that Stephanie received her job offers by attending the SLA Conference in Boston this past summer.

Deborah Broocker is working as a reference librarian at the Dekalb College Learning Resources Center. Arlene DeSalles is working at the reference desk at the Woodruff Library at Clark Atlanta University. Nancy Hampton took a position at the Philadelphia Free Public Library.

Marcie Jones is employed at Clark Atlanta University in one of their offices.

Lorraine Martorana moved to Maryland, where she is a librarian at the Wor-Wic Community College.

Aubin Odah is working at the National Library of Benin, his country of origin.

Elaine Rene went back home to Madagascar, where she is working at the University of Toamascina Library.

Delicia Rogers-Hill took a position at the College Park Branch of the Fulton County Library System. Synthia Sankey moved back home to Alabama where she plans to pursue her doctoral degree in Library and Information Systems.

Gary Spahn is recently employed at the Queens College Library in Charlotte, North Carolina in the reference and circulation departments.

Neli Tshabalala returned to South Africa, where she is working as a Deputy Law Librarian at the University of Witwatersrand, in Johannesburg. Dawn Wright is employed in the archives of the Woodruff Library at Clark Atlanta University

If anybody has any knowledge about anyone else not included here, please share it with Dr. Ismail Abdullahi.


Nancy Bryant has been appointed Technical Education Manager in the Information Technology Services Division of Morehouse School of Medicine. She will be teaching and assisting users with their available technologies, consulting with them on what they need, and working with vendors. Nancy will have the opportunity to continue to develop the aspects of her current job - teaching - and grow in new directions to prepare faculty, staff, students and administration for the 21st Century. She will also be involved in Web page development.

Due to several staff changes in Amoco's Atlanta Region libraries, Rahn Huber recently assumed management responsibilities for Amoco's Fabrics and Fibers library in Austell, in addition to managing the Amoco Polymer's Business Information Center in Alpharetta. Library Assistant Sherry Honeycutt has been hired full time to assist Rahn in making sure that the two libraries compliment each other's subject areas and this effectively increases resources available to both customer groups.

In January, 1996, Rahn was asked by her manager to assist him in developing customer-focused behaviors in other Atlanta region supervisors from various other service groups. Since a goal of the group was to conduct a customer survey, she designed a four hour interactive session that created discussion about "What is a Customer?", "Why is a Customer Important?", "What are Our Products and Services?", "What is a Survey?", "How Will Doing a Survey Help Us Improve?", and "How Do We Develop an Action Plan to Address Issues Raised by the Survey Results?"

Rahn received a commendation and a cash award in recognition of the results of her project and impact on Amoco's Atlanta Region services.

Brian Berfield recently joined the Amoco Polymers Business Information Center in Alpharetta. He has worked with Amoco in other locations for 20 years, with the last 15 years in the research and information centers. His skills are in searching scientific, technical and chemistry databases as well as creating Lotus Notes database applications to deliver current awareness and competitive information. He joins Rahn Huber, who began the Amoco Business Information Center in 1990, and consultant Deanna Morrow Hall, who also provides part-time technical research for the Information Center's customers.

Karalyn Kavanaugh, Lorrie Burroughs, and Roger Glenn have been invited by Dr. Ishmail Abdullahi, to speak to Clark Atlanta University School of Library and Information Studies graduate students on what it means to be a special librarian, the job market for special librarians, and the many opportunities for graduates who wish to pursue a career as a special librarian. They will participate in the graduate program's Career Day, which takes place in November.

Kay Pickney recently joined forces with the Decatur Library's Technical Services staff to assist in LAN administration and Web site development.

Susan Klopper, Director of Arthur Andersen/Andersen Consulting's Atlanta Information Center, was asked for the second year to speak at the annual On-Line World conference, held this year in Washington, D.C. Susan's talk, addressing the program "Business Content Review," highlighted new trends, and products and services in the electronic business field.

Karalyn Kavanaugh, Employment Chair, is keeping stamped, self-addressed envelopes for people who are looking for jobs. Currently, she has envelopes for nine people. As jobs come to her attention, she makes copies and sends each job seeker the announcement. In the past few months since she volunteered her time in this capacity, there have been six to eight positions for which she has notified job seekers. Pat Zang, formerly at AT & T is now working at Deloitte & Touche as a result of this service. If you are seeking a job or seeking an employee, contact Karalyn by phone or email at the address listed for each Board Member located at the end of each newsletter.

Barbara Walker, Government Relations Chair, who works in the Georgia Institute of Technology's Library and Information Center announced that John Crosby is the new Director of Government Relations. He joined the staff at the national SLA headquarters in September. John is a graduate of the College of William and Mary, and has experience as a researcher and as a member of a Senate lobbying staff.

Note: If you have any news or announcements, please send them to Lorrie Burroughs email by January 1997 for publication in the next PeachState Update.


by Julie Schein

During her library career, Georgi Steinhauser has worked in academic, public and special libraries. She has lived in Atlanta since 1994, when she moved here from Pittsburgh where she attended library school. I recently had the opportunity to find out more about Georgi's varied career.

Julie: Describe your career before Arthur Andersen?

Georgi: When I first moved to Atlanta, I worked briefly for the Gwinnett County Library System as an Information Specialist (Adult and Children's reference and reader's advisor). Before moving to Atlanta, I was Supervisor of the Telephone Reference and Online Search Center (TROSC) at Worthington Public Library (Ohio), and before that, worked with the end-user on-line service at Memphis State University's Brister Library.

Julie: Describe your most non-traditional library job?

Georgi: Right after I graduated from library school at the University of Pittsburgh, I worked in Member Support at CompuServ. Although it wasn't a library, all my best library skills (negotiation, patience, tact, the reference interview, etc.) were useful to me. My job consisted primarily of trying to figure out what kind of help people really needed (as opposed to what they thought they needed!), and then assisting them in finding information on-line. There's a great article that appeared in the Wall Street Journal (see p. 9 for complete article) about on-line help desks. We all kept copies at our desks, and tried to top their stories--a not too difficult task!

I also drove the "Bookmobile" (my 1984 Chevy Chevette with a book truck in the trunk!) for several years while was at Worthington Public Library. I traveled every week to the nursing and retirement homes in our library district with books and magazines, and distributed Talking Book materials as well. My proudest moment was when one of my regular clients introduced me during a group activity as "my special friend who brings me joy."

Julie: Describe your job at Arthur Andersen. What is your biggest challenge?

Georgi: I am a research librarian who services the Tax and Audit practices of Arthur Andersen, as well as Andersen Consulting. My primary responsibilities include providing research and ready reference, training internal clients in the use of our print and on-line resources, and preparing bibliographies and training materials. My biggest challenge is finding creative ways to answer questions that seem unanswerable! I do mostly business research, but I work with all kinds of resources and materials, including census data, SEC filings, government publications, and tax resources. I especially enjoy working with our Business Consulting, Litigation, and Real Estate Advisory Services groups because of the broad range of research topics they request.

Julie: Describe the Arthur Andersen library.

Georgi: We have four full-time professional librarians, and two full-time library assistants. Our research is very diverse, including technical research for our Tax and Audit practices, as well as general business and legal research for Arthur Andersen and Andersen Consulting. In addition to the Atlanta office, we service offices in Florida, Tennessee and Alabama. Our library contains over 8,000 print titles and 30 CD-ROM titles. In addition to providing research services, the library orders and catalogs materials for our own collection as well as our satellite offices.

Julie: What is your favorite pastime outside of library work?

Georgi: Travel. My two favorite trips were to Stockholm and Victoria, B.C.

Julie: What is the last book that you read?

Georgi: Glimpses of Louisa: A Centennial Sampling of the Best Short Stories by Louisa May Alcott.

I enjoyed having the opportunity to get to know more about Georgi. If you get a chance, as her about her days at CompuServe. She has great stories about some of the questions posed to her during her tenure there!



It's not too early to start thinking about the SLA 88th Annual Conference to be held in Seattle, Washington, June 7-12, 1997. To help you in planning your trip, check out the Pacific Northwest Chapter's conference Web Page at:

SLA 88th Annual Conference

Although the page is still under construction, already there is a lot of material on the conference, including useful information on registration, travel arrangements, transportation, local events, restaurants, sightseeing, and other regional resources.


Q. What is your role at Disclosure Inc.?

A. Specifically, I am the Regional Sales Manger for the Southern Territory, selling business and financial products to all commercial markets, which includes corporations, consulting firms, accounting firms and law firms. Just last year, Disclosure has dramatically increased it's focus and presence in Atlanta by adding additional representatives. In 1997, we are opening a Production Center which will offer numerous educational activities, such as the SEC REVIEW. This session will offer a 3 hour presentation on everything you need to know about SEC form types, documents, etc. We are in the business of selling our services, but we also offer undivided support to our customers, and this is just one way of showing our dedication.

Q. How long have you been in this position?

A. I started in March of this year, after a successful career at Lexis-Nexis for 11 years servicing legal markets in Washington D.C. and Atlanta.

Q. In the last six months, what has been your biggest challenge?

A. With Disclosure, my biggest challenge has been to meet and exceed the expectations of our sophisticated customer base and to ensure that the positive attitudes our customers maintain towards Disclosure continues into the future. Above and beyond work challenges, I was faced with another challenge; a revelation on March 8, 1996 that my wife Dawn and I were expecting our first child. It wasn't much more than a week or two later that we went out and bought Rigley, the dog (ShihTzu). Rigley has opened up our eyes to our expectant parenthood. (Note: At the time of this reading, Tyler Stephen Hayward will be upstaging Rigley with his crying, burping antics, and sleeping soundly "we hope", as Mark said, with Winnie the Pooh and his friends.)

Q. Any closing remarks?

A. I look forward to participating in the Association in developing life-long friends. Happy Holidays to all, and pray that my wife and I sleep soundly too!


The Georgia Chapter Executive Board and Committee Chairs met on June 19, 1996 at the office of Disclosure, Inc. and on September 28, 1996 at the Avis Williams Branch of the Dekalb County Library System. Items discussed at these meetings included the following:

The Board voted to increase the allocation for the 1997 Student Scholarship from $500.00 to $1,000.00 due to increased costs of travel and lodging for the Annual Conference. The essay contest will be announced in the PeachState Update.

Two Ad Hoc Committees were formed that will investigate the financial management of the Chapter and the creation of Chapter Guidelines for Officers and Committees. Both Committees will report their findings to the Board early next year.

An email list for SLA Board Members has been created to facilitate better communications.

Planning for the 1996-97 Programs is underway. This year's plans include a September Chapter visit by SLA President Sylvia Piggott, a Holiday Party at Agatha's Mystery Dinner Theater in December, Brown Bag Lunch series in February, "Take Your Boss to Lunch" event, library tours, and the annual Business Meeting.

The possibility of a 1998 southeastern Regional Conference was discussed and will be investigated by the Program Committee.

The Professional Development Committee is coordinating a joint meeting in collaboration with the Georgia Health Sciences Library Association, which will take place March 12-14, 1997 at the Radisson Riverfront Hotel and Conference Center in Augusta, GA. It will include two to three CEU courses on the topics of the Internet, Serials Management, Downsizing, and Reengineering. The meeting includes a banquet on Thursday night, with entertainment that is membership driven. The registration fee will be around $65.00, and the CEU courses will be $75.00 to $150.00.

The International Relations and Public Relations Committees are developing a plan for sending books to African libraries. The Committee is also investigating adopting libraries in Africa.

The Affirmative Action Committee mentioned that the Mentor Program has a full roster of Mentors this year and is need of additional students.

The Georgia Chapter Web Page is up and running. Rod Bustos of Mercer University is the Webmaster. The address is:

SLA Georgia Home Page

A discussion of whether the Membership Directory should be posted on-line led to an investigation of password protection for this information. Information which could be added to the Web Page includes employment notices, current issues of the PeachState Update, committee reports, Chapter by-laws, program announcements, and other general information. A Working Group is being organized to assist with HTML coding of additions to the Web site.


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