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Peach State Update



Roger Glenn, President

Hello again Georgia Chapter. I hope that this issue of the Newsletter finds you well. You should be proud that you are a member of one of the finest Chapters in the Special Libraries Association. Paula and I recently attended the Winter Meeting of SLA. It was clear during the DACOLT

(acronym for Division & Chapter Officer Leadership Training) that we are one of the Chapters that is taking a leadership role in managing our affairs in sound and innovative ways:

-Our programs have been substantive, enjoyable, and informative. We are fortunate to have a person of such devotion in Paula Vaccariello. If you have not attended a program this year, you have cheated yourself.

-We have an active Web site with lots of important information including programs, electronic versions of the newsletter, contact information for the Executive Board and Advisory Council, links to other sites, etc. We are fortunate to have the talents of Rod Bustos (Chapter WebMaster & ListMaster).

-Our fundraising activities and principles were recognized as innovative and exciting. We are fortunate to have David Mitchell doing such an excellent job at finding sponsors. We are equally fortunate to have organizations such as EBSCO, Global Securities, Ovid Technologies and RoweCom to support our activities.

-We are leading the planning and implementation process for the 1st Annual South Atlantic Conference to be held in Charleston in 1999. Thanks to Paula, Kay Mowery, Joanne Tobin, and Paula Nickerson for their directinvolvement and the entire Board for the support of the conference. We are fortunate to have such a talented group of leaders taking an active role and making a difference.

-We have a sound Treasury. We are fortunate to have Irene McMorland so well minding the bottom line.

-We have been successful in attracting new talent to the leadership group. A special welcome to Betsy Jubb as our new Treasurer and Sharron Nidy as the new Managing Editor of the Newsletter.

Yet to come this year:

-The adoption of a Strategic Plan for the Chapter. This plan will be distributed prior to the May Business Meeting and voted on so that it may officially be unveiled there.

-Election of new officers for next year. We need qualified candidates, so please forward your recommendations (yes, it can be you) to any member of the Executive Board. We are blessed with exceptional members. We need you to become a leader in the organization.

-Some by-laws changes badly needed to be voted upon. Many thanks to Kay Mowery for her dedication and leadership in overseeing this effort.

-The International Special Librarian's Day meeting with the Clark-Atlanta Student Chapter. DO NOT MISS THIS SPECIAL EVENT.

-The annual conference, of course (June in Indianapolis).

I would like to recognize two members of the Executive Board that have been forced to resign their positions due to personal and professional commitments. First, Lorrie Burroughs, who has done a fantastic job as the Managing Editor of the Newsletter for several years. Please join me in thanking her! Second, Gina Martin (former Secretary), who is expecting her first child this spring. Congratulations Gina!

I urge each of attend the program offerings. I urge each of you to sign up for the chapter listserv (instructions available on our Web page, which you can link to via SLA's homepage at I urge each of you to consider running for an office or volunteering to be a committee chair. The face of the industry is changing. We have an extraordinary opportunity. The future is not tomorrow; it is the labor of today. Get involved. Make a difference.



Lorrie Burroughs, Managing Editor

Sharron Nidy, of Bain, Inc. has agreed to take over as Managing Editor of Peach State Update. She'll be working with Deanna, beginning with the February issue, and I'll continue to support her and Deanna in any way Ican until June.

If you have any news items, I encourage you to contact her. You can reach her at: <>.

Sharron was previously with Ernst and Young, and comes with a great deal of enthusiasm and willingness to work. I'm confident she and Deanna will produce excellent newsletters.

Communications Committee (continued)

The WebMaster's Corner

Rod A. Bustos, WebMaster

I am pleased to announce that I have found a new home for the SLA Georgia board list here at Georgia State University.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Also, information on subscribing to both SLA Georgia listservs is available via the chapter webpage at


Barbara Walker, Chairperson

The Georgia Tech Library has some excellent web pages which I would like to bring to the attention of our members. I think they will find them very useful. They are...

for Government Documents -

for Patents -

for Standards -

From the Government Printing Office....

For Free, Official, Timely Federal Information, visit the

US. Government Printing Office's - "GPO Access" at Up-to-the-minute notices from the Federal Register and Commerce Business Daily and many more are available at this site.

(See National News for additional Government Relations news)



Julie Schein, Chairperson


Several new members joined the Georgia Chapter of SLA this Fall, and I know you will want to join me in welcoming them. Some are new to SLA, others new to Georgia; some I have lots of information about, others not so much:

Miriam A. Campell, employed by Egon Zehnder International as a Senior Research Associate; formerly (almost 11 years) as a law librarian with Arnall Golden & Gregory. She can be reached at

Egon Zehnder International
Suite 1275
3424 Peachtree Road, NE
Atlanta, GA 30326

Joelle V. Coachman, a student at Clark Atlanta, is employed by the Law Companies Group, which paid for her SLA membership! She came to C/A from Ohio and will graduate in December.

Cheryl E. Corrigan was working for the Cable News Network when she joined us in August, but she has since changed jobs. Her new e-mail address is <>.

Marilyn A. Pahr works in Emory University's Center for Business Information; we've played a couple of rounds of "telephone tag" but I've not yet spoken with her. Welcome, Marilyn!

Deborah Tate is librarian for the Turner Photography Library at TBS, Inc. She enjoys her job, working with over a million still images, including stills from movies, cartoons, and all kinds of sporting events (Go, Braves!) Deborah is interested in sharing information with other members who work with photographic images. Her e-mail address is <>.

Dierdra N. Walton also joined us as a student at Clark Atlanta, but I wasn't able to reach her at the C/A e-mail address SLA gave us, so she may have graduated. Dierdra lives in Jonesboro, and I'm sure I met her at one of our meetings!

Submitted by

Kay Mowery, Membership Committee Member

2 December 1997



Lisa Beers reports that her institution has a new name:

American InterContinental University (formerly American College) and she has a new phone number: 404-812-4158 and a new e-mail address:


Rod Bustos is now Reference Librarian/ Computer Specialist at the Pullen Library at Georgia State University.

The 2nd edition of International Business Information: How to Find It, How to Use It (Oryx Press: Phoenix AZ, 1998) was released at the end of 1997. The authors, GA SLA member Ruth A. Pagell and Michael Halperin, did extensive rewrites and updates of the first edition, which was selected as a Library Journal Best Business Book of the Year in 1994. Ruth is director of Emory University Libraries Center for Business Information and Mike is Director of the Lippincott Library of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

"CDMEX: A Directory of Mexican Companies", Database, v20n6 December 1997 is the first article published by new SLA member Marilyn Pahr. Marilyn is a Business Information Specialist at Emory University Libraries Center for Business Information.



Deborah Broocker, Student Liaison

More mentors wanted -- hear ye, hear ye --

more mentors wanted

The mentor program is moving along nicely with the Georgia Chapter and the library students at Clark Atlanta University. We currently have seven active matches, thanks to Rhea Ballard-Thrower, Nancy Bryant, Lorrie Burroughs, Ellen Cooper, Barbara Frolick, Deanna Morrow Hall, and Gail Stahl. We are currently trying to recruit several more librarians to "adopt" new students during the next few weeks. Mentoring can be very rewarding and fun. For additional information please contact me at (404) 252-3645 (leave a message as bidden by the cute recording). Dr. Abdullahi can also answer questions concerning this program (404) 252-7105. This is an open invitation to former mentors and SLA members who would like to contribute to the Chapter in a unique way. Professional activities like mentoring a student can encourage future growth of the Chapter by acquiring new or prospective members, in addition to promoting good will with the upcoming generation of librarians.




John Crosby, Director, Government Relations,

SLA Headquarters

World Moving to Establish Digital Copyright Law

As 1998 gets into full gear, the developed nations of the world are moving closer to establishing legal standards for copyright in the digital age. Europe and the United States are in the process of considering proposals, while Canada is sure to announce its plan in the very near future. Many nations have already amended their domestic laws to comply with the WIPO Treaties of 1996, but far more are waiting to see what happens in Europe and North America.

In Europe, the copyright directive has been on the table for a few months now, and the library community has generally given mixed to negative responses. SLA will soon be issuing its own public response, and you will be the first to see it. To view the European copyright directive, go to,

follow directions for "Intellectual Property" through two pages, then click on the 12/10/97 draft. You'll have the option of downloading or viewing the text.

In the United States, both the copyright owner and information user communities have weighed in with legislation. The copyright community's proposal falls far short of maintaining the existing balance in copyright

law. However, the legislation supported by the library community (including SLA) is based on continuing the balance we currently enjoy.

See previous GR Updates, the SLA Web site, or go to for more information on the library-friendly legislation.

What's next, you ask? February and March will see a set of hearings on digital copyright in the US. House of Representatives. The potential for a committee vote in the House is high, if H.R. 3048 (sponsored by Boucher of VA and Campbell of CA) fails to garner enough

cosponsors. THAT'S WHERE YOU COME IN. If you haven't done it already, you and your SLA colleagues

should contact your representative and senators and urge them to cosponsor H.R. 3048/S. 1146. Note: Movement on S. 1146 is not expected just yet, but that could change very quickly.

Notes on other US. copyright matters: Online service provider liability, which SLA considers a linked issue to digital copyright, is being negotiated almost exclusively in the House. SLA and the rest of the library community is

involved. Stay tuned... Copyright term extension legislation will move in the coming weeks, according to sources on Capitol Hill. The library community is working to ensure that an exemption for libraries is included... Database protection hearings are on the schedule for February.

Proposed US. Copyright Office Activities Draw Fire

Last month, the US. Copyright Office was reportedly planning to reissue it's Circular 21, which addresses fair use for Education and Libraries. Normally, this wouldn't seem to be such a big deal, except for the fact that it was to include guidelines for fair use of multimedia works.

The problem with this idea is that said guidelines were considered by the Conference on Fair Use (ConFU) over the last two years, but never approved. So, for a government entity to consider publicly recommending sage of guidelines that were never given the blessing of the library community was quite disturbing.

Fortunately, the 5 largest US. library associations (SLA, AALL, ALA, ARL, MLA) sent a joint letter to the Register of Copyrights, Marybeth Peters, calling for removal of the multimedia guidelines from Circular 21. As of today, we have received word that those guidelines will be removed. It just goes to show what kind of influence the library community can have when we work together.

(Text of this letter can be found at )

US. Government Printing and Publishing Update

John Crosby, SLA Director of Government Relations, attended last month's ALA Midwinter Meetings in New Orleans, Louisiana. Specifically, Crosby attended meetings on the state of plans to revise Title 44, which covers .S. Government Printing and Publishing.

Currently, negotiators for libraries and the Joint Committee on Printing are in general agreement on how

to reform Title 44. And things originally looked good for getting the Clinton Administration to sign on, too. Unfortunately, labor unions are concerned about portions

of the proposed legislation that would open government printing and publishing to private sector printers. So, for now, the Clinton Administration is working to reach a settlement with the unions. Stay tuned as details unfold...

In Other News...

The European Database Directive became a part of United Kingdom law on January 1, 1998. This new law creates a new and unique right for databases that was not previously provided under existing copyright law.

Pasha Publications, publisher of Gas Transportation Report, is now offering a $2,000 reward for persons who provide conclusive evidence of illegal photocopying or faxing of its publications. Confidentiality is guaranteed. For more information, contact Betsy Koch at the law firm

of Levine, Pierson, Sullivan and Koch at 1-202-508-1100.

Singapore is in the process of considering legislation to amend its copyright laws to comply with the WIPO treaties. Microsoft and the Business Software Alliance are hard at work, making sure that the bill provides strict prohibitions against equipment designed to make infringing = copies of copyrighted materials.

For information about the Government Relations program and other news, visit the Government Relations website at

Submitted by

Barbara Walker,

Government Relations Committee, Chairperson




Using the Web Effectively

Date: Friday, March 6, 1998

Time: 9:30-1:30

Where: Lucy Hampton Bostick Auditorium

Richland County Pubic Library

Columbia, SC

Cost: $25.00

Sponsored by the South Carolina Chapter of the Special Libraries Association, Using the Web Effectively is presented by Dr. Ran Hock, nationally recognized educator and Web expert. The seminar will cover topics such as:

* Effective browser usage

* Kinds of information which can and cannot be found on the Web

* Kinds of websites

* Tools for finding websites

Directories and Metasites

Search Engines

* Selected sites of general interest

* Recommended steps and resources for increasing proficiency in web research

Don't miss this great opportunity!!!

Dr. Ran Hock has trained over 6,000 online researchers nationally and abroad over the last 18 years.

He has created courses on Web searching and on the use of commercial online services for professional associations, government agencies, library systems, and businesses and has published articles and book chapters on online research.

During his career, he has held management and training positions with Dialog and Knight-Ridder Information Services and has served as a reference librarian at MIT and the University of Pennsylvania.

He is an adjunct member at the University of Maryland College of Library and Information Services and has served on the Board of Directors and chaired committees for ASIS

He currently operates his consulting business under the name ONLINE STRATEGIES, which can be found at

Send registration and check made payable to SC-SLA to:

Trudy Craven / Information Center M-470 / Milliken & Co. / 920 Milliken Rd. / Spartanburg, SC 29303




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Subscribe SLA-CGA Your Name

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