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March 2014



January Franchisee of the Month


Steve & Tammy Johnson


While it surely isn't surprising that our reigning Franchise Owners of the Year, Steve and Tammy Johnson of Mr. Appliance Over The Mountain (Birmingham, Ala.), are our Franchise of the Month for January, what might surprise you is they were able to do this despite having to shut down their operations for two full business days due to the extreme weather in that part of the country, and a few other days were negatively impacted as well.  


If you've ever visited their business, you could quickly see how they can adapt to anything. They run three top-level businesses out of that office (Mr. Appliance, Aire Serv®, and Johnson Service Co.) and yet it's as calm and quiet as a library.  


They follow the system and everybody knows their role and plays it well. With a strong focus on their Net Promoter Score (94 for the month of January!) and revenue that increased over last year despite the issues with the weather, they put up a number that couldn't be beat.



Are you current on our dryer vent services?


Dave Nelson has begun his cross-country dryer vent cleaning training tour. If he has not been in touch with you about scheduling a visit to your franchise, please contact him directly at  


We have negotiated a price for the necessary air compressor of $1,410 through Grainger. If you do not already have a Grainger account, please email Dan Pramis at BizUnite or call 603-628-2333. The valves, hoses, nozzles and capture bag needed are being packaged up and Dave can give you the latest update on those items.




To accurately track the number of dryer vent cleanings throughout the network, we need you to setup a new dispatch code in ZWare and use it on every work order created for dryer vent jobs. 

  • Description: DVC
  • Long Description: DVC
  • Skill Level: Basic 

This should be the code used for all dryer vent cleaning moving forward. 


If you have questions, please contact your franchise consultant.


Marketing goes social


About 60 percent of our customers can be tied directly to Facebook through their email address, therefore the ad council, marketing department and Mr. Appliance corporate decided we should run a test advertising campaign on Facebook for three months. 


The test campaign will kick off this month and we will be targeting past customers and customers who match the same demographics as past customers.



New Coupon Bucks


New Mr. Appliance Coupon Bucks will be live on Ad Builder today, Tuesday, Mar. 11! Coupons come standard at values of $10, $25, $50 and $100.


Mr. Appliance > United States > Advertising and Marketing Materials > Coupons.




Concise, optimized content written for a specific persona (like we discussed in last month's article) is one of the most important ways to differentiate your website from a competitor's. Over the past year, the CODE team took a holistic approach to the content strategies for all corporate websites focusing on core services, intuitive content flow, and identifying areas that needed updates or new content.


One of the benefits of belonging to a franchise family is the authority our corporate brands hold with Google filters trickling down to the franchisee websites. 


In the coming months we will add new content to with the goal of updating information about the residential and commercial services we offer.  


We can¹t wait to see a positive change for Mr. Appliance!

Social Media


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We write daily content for your social media sites, are you receiving it? You should have a daily email from our office allowing you to "accept" or "reject" our content before it publishes on your page. 


If you are not receiving this email or would like someone else to receive this email, contact Rebecca Melton, Social Media Specialist.



In the News


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10 tips to help your dishwasher run better.


Have a PR story idea? Email Desirae Franco, Senior Communications Manager.



TDG Reunion


Save if you enroll by March 31! The early registration fee is $225; after March 31 it goes up to $250. 


The Dwyer Group®

Annual Reunion

Sept. 7-10, 2014

 Rosen Shingle Creek 

9939 Universal Blvd.

Orlando, FL 32819


Contact Dawn Derrick.



We need your help!


If you have a personal 

connection to Ronald McDonald House Charities 

and are willing to share your testimony, please contact Communications Manager Leigh Ann Henry.  



Do You Know Your

RMHC Representative?


Contact your Mr. Appliance RMHC Representative Dylan Conner, owner of the Mr. Appliance of the Central Valley (Calif.), for ideas on how you can support RMHC in your area.  


 PH: 559-584-2349

Click Here to Email  

Dylan Conner  



February NPS Update


Mr. Appliance NPS Score




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Mission & Vision Statement


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