MSOM Business Meeting Minutes, MSOM Conference
June 17, 2003 (Los Angeles)

The meeting was called to order following an address by USC Marshall School of Business Dean Randolph Westerfield at 1:00pm by President Ananth Iyer. Ananth began by thanking Yehuda Bassok, Greys Sosic and Sampath Rajagopalan, as well as the staff and the Dean for an excellent MSOM and multi-echelon conference.

Next, Jay Swaminathan (from Lake Como), informed the society members that the society was doing well financially with $27500.00 in the account. Ananth added that dues will not be raised for the next year.

Ravi Anupindi announced that the next conference will be held at the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven in Eindhoven, Netherlands on July 1st and 2nd, 2004. Ton de Kok and Jan Fransoo said a few words about the conference.

Garrett van Ryzin next discussed the M&SOM Journal. There have been 80 submissions over the past 6 months, and the journal is under review for the ISI Citation Index. Garrett urged everyone to visit the new M&SOM web site, and mentioned that he had created two new categories of papers, OM Practice, and OM Forum.

Ananth next discussed the upcoming EURO/INFORMS conference, which will be held from July 6th to July 10th in Istanbul. MSOM has 17 sessions at this conference.

The MSOM Fellows Committee, consisting of Evan Porteus, Hau Lee, Paul Zipkin, Jan Jan Van Mieghem, Sridhar Tayur, and non-voting member Ananth Iyer, announced that Larry Wein has been selected as this year�s MSOM fellow.

Panos Kouvelis announced that Uday Karmarkar is this year�s recipient of the MSOM Distinguished Service award. Panos briefly outlined Uday�s achievements, and Uday said a few words of thanks.

Gerard Cachon, in charge of this year�s MSOM Doctoral Paper Competition, announced that details of the competition will follow.

Ananth Iyer introduced the new MSOM board:

At that point, Ananth turned the meeting over to Panos Kouvelis. Panos brought up several issues, including the need of MSOM to decide whether or not to develop more of a foreign presence, perhaps with more overseas meetings. In addition, MSOM members need to discuss the society�s relationship with other organizations. Panos will form a committee to discuss the various tradeoffs and issues associated with these issues.

Panos discussed the need for a more formal process to decide on the location of the annual meeting. The organizers of this meeting assume a financial risk of approximately $15,000.

Gerard Cachon suggested integrating an MSOM conference with a Marketing Science conference, so that it would be possible to attend sessions at both conferences. There was some discussion about the best format for such a conference. Possibilities included two simultaneous conferences, two adjacent conferences, or two partially overlapping conferences. Gerard indicated that Wharton is open to hosting both conferences in 2006. Several questions were raised, including registration costs and organizational issues. Several members expressed guarded enthusiasm for the idea, once the details were worked out. Panos expressed tentative support to pursue this idea further; this was supported by unanimous voice vote of the members. Gerard will be chairing a committee that explores this idea further and produces a report for the membership.

Garrett van Ryzin discussed an M&SOM best paper award. He will form a committee to explore this issues.

Panos discussed a few more ideas, including maintaining an MSOM Conference Web Site, and including a teaching component in future conferences.

Panos Kouvelis asked the members for any other input that they had, thanked Ananth Iyer and the previous board, and adjourned the meeting.

Your Truly,

Phil Kaminsky
Treasurer, MSOM Society