MSOM Business Meeting Minutes MSOM Conference
June 30, 1998. (Seattle)

Ted Klastorin � Expressed thanks to sponsors, staff (Beth, Susan, Mark Cutler), and weather gods. Will distribute an updated participant sheet later today.

John McClain � Next meeting in 2000. Volunteers from U. Michigan (Rachel Zhang and Tava Olsen) to host. This year�s schedule conflicted with the international meeting, but it was not MSOM�s fault (we were scheduled first and they didn�t check).

Mark Spearman � Conversion from section to society (decided at Montreal) will be made official in August. Lots of paperwork to be done. May need help (e.g., from Mike Magazine and John Buzacott) for info on past presidents, etc. If you can help out, contact Mark at

Mike Magazine � On INFORMS board. Scheduling/planning meetings � moving to one meeting per year after the spring meeting in Salt Lake City. We may want to meet in spring instead of summer, and once a year instead of once every two years. Also, we may want to coordinate with other groups� meetings. We will communicate possibilities via the newsletter.

Question � How do we get from here to there? What needs to be done?

Mike Magazine � It�s informal.

Comments � Marketing meets more with practitioners in separate meetings. Also, marketing meets on weekends. Spring meeting is difficult for people who teach core courses.

<Took informal vote, but noted that this is a biased sample. Strong feeling to continue in summer, but also significant interest in spring. Eric Johnson is the meeting V.P. and he will be contacted about this.>

Lee Schwartz �This meeting has had high quality papers and discussions (better than INFORMS). Re: M&SOM journal. The first issue is filled, including Graves, Zipkin, Adelman, Tsay. Second and third issues will be filled with articles that have already been accepted. When will publication begin? Two issues in 1999, maybe four. Constrained by US Post Office policies on first class vs. journal rates. We have to commit prior to 1999 or risk INFORMS� relationship/reputation with the Post Office.

Cycle times have been fast: 58.3 days May avg; 77 days max; 28.6 days cum avg; <100 days max cum. Can track progress on the web site.

Two participants commented favorably on their experiences. Quality of reviews has been exceptional; long, thoughtful comments. Papers were significantly improved.

Lee Schwartz � INFORMS has decided to go with on-line publishing, but won�t abandon print. First stage � electronic versions or accepted, not-yet-published papers.

We will have several focussed issues. Hau Lee: information technology. Morris Cohen: marketing interface. Other possibilities: international, incentives, cross-functional.

Regular feature: best papers from MSOM.

Reluctance to submit, perceived as risky. We are committed to being a first class journal. Send us your best work. About half of the senior editors have submitted. Of those, about one third have been accepted.

Advertising for journal (e.g., with deans, etc.)? Currently not soliciting outside business and I.E. areas.

Tim Smundt - Cincinnati INFORMS meeting MSOM sessions � there�s still time to submit sessions. Send email to within three weeks.

Recorded by: Maureen Lojo

Compiled by: Harry Groenevelt