MSOM Business Meeting Minutes, 1996 MSOM Conference
June 26,1996 (Hanover, NH)

Joe Mazzola (newly elected president of the MSOM section) began the short meeting by thanking Medini Singh, and the rest of the faculty at Dartmouth, for organizing an excellent conference. Participants then joined in a spontaneous round of applause in appreciation of Medini's hard work. Joe announced that all non-MSOM members in attendance at the conference will automatically become members for this year. This benefit is supported by the fact that the MSOM membership fee is covered by the $10 non-member conference surcharge.

Continuing on the topic of conferences, Joe highlighted the locations, dates, and session organizers for the next INFORMS conferences.

Valerie Tardif announced that she is looking for volunteers to chair sessions in Dallas. Interested parties should contact her directly ( Ted Klastorin announced that the next MSOM conference will take place in Seattle, Washington during the summer of 1998. The conference will be hosted by The University of Washington. Ted shared several possible ideas for the conference including (1) providing discussants on papers, (2) offering plants tours (e.g., Boeing), and (3) developing deeper synergy between the MSOM and Multi-Echelon conferences. Ted emphasized that he is very interested in gathering input from members. Feedback on these ideas (and/or other ideas) can be sent directly to

Joe Mazzola continued the meeting by noting that the MSOM Website contains information on upcoming conferences as well as links to the MSOM newsletter, minutes of MSOM meetings, and the Research Database. Frank Ciarallo was thanked for upgrading the MSOM homepage. MSOM's Website address is

Turning to new business, Joe announced that the section will sponsor a "MSOM Distinguished Service Award" to recognize members who have contributed their time and talents to the section in a significant way. The annual award will be presented to one or more individuals at the Spring INFORMS meeting. A more formal call for nominations will be made at the Fall INFORMS meeting. In closing, Joe emphasized that his major goal this year as president will be to increase communication with industry. Members will hear more on this subject in the months to come.

At this point, the official MSOM meeting adjourned and the podium was turned over to Lee Schwartz who briefly reviewed the progress of the new Manufacturing and Service Operations Management Journal. He reported that the search for a group of approximately 30 senior editors has been completed. These editors will advise the Editor-in-Chief about overall editorial policy and will help the Editor-in-Chief to select referees and to judge the suitability of papers for publication, revision, etc. Members of the larger Editorial Board, who will perform most of the detailed manuscript reviewing, are still being selected. The first call for papers is planned for early Fall, 1996. The first issue is targeted for Jan/Feb of 1998.

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