MSOM Business Meeting Minutes, MSOM Conference
June 2004 (Eindhoven, Netherlands)

The meeting started with Panos Kouvelis the current President of MSOM society welcoming everyone to the first MSOM international conference and turning it over to the organizer Ton De Kok for a summary of the meeting. At this point Ton de Kok gave statistics about the conference and highlighted that the participation at the international conference was not diminished as some had expected. He also indicated that there was greater participation from the European and Asian schools. The society voted to have a European section of the MSOM society at this point. The next two agenda items were from Jayashankar (Jay) Swaminathan the Vice President of MSOM society. Jay announced that the treasurer of the society Phil Kaminsky could not be there but has relayed the information that the financial position of the society was sound with more than $20000 in the account. Next he proceeded to explain the process by which the venue for the MSOM conference in 2005 was selected. Four very strong proposals were received from Boston University, Northwestern, Cincinnati and Georgia Tech. These were evaluated by a sub-committee the consisted of current executive members of the society (Panos Kouvelis, Jay Swaminathan, Phil Kaminsky, Izak Duenyas) and the coordinator for the last MSOM conference(Raj Rajagopalan). At which point, Jay announced that the committtee decided to award the 2005 MSOM conference to a joint proposal from Engineering and Business Schools at Northwestern University and thanksd all the members of the selection committee. Philip Afeche representing Northwestern at the conference provided details about the venue and dates and handed it back to Panos Kouvelis. Panos announced the two MSOM fellows - Morris Cohen and Awi Federgruen to the society. Panos in his conclusion highlighted the the momentum gained by the society in the last year and applauded systematic processes instituted for MSOM conference selection. He thanked all the executive members for their support in his tenure and introduced the next executives of the MSOM society - Izak Duenyas (President), Tava Olsen (Vice President), Pinar Keskinocak (Treasurer) and Fangruo Chen (President Elect). He then invited Izak to the stage to say a few words. Izak in his speech highlighted the need for MSOM conference to keep its momentum and expand globally as well as start activities related to teaching in these conferences. After his introductory speech, the meeting was adjourned.

Your truly

Jay Swaminathan (for Phil Kaminsky)