Minutes of MSOM Annual Meeting

Cornell University, June 16-18 2002

  1. Announcement of election results by Sridhar Tayur
  2. President-Elect: Panos Kovelis

    VP Conferences: Ravi Anupindi

    Treasurer: Jay Swaminathan

    President: Ananth Iyer

  3. MSOM Fellows announcement by Sridhar Tayur
  4. Committee: Paul Zipkin, Ken Baker, Hau Lee, Steve Graves, Ed Silver, John Buzacott, Fangruo Chen, Sridhar Tayur

    2002 Fellows: Marshall Fisher and Evan Porteus

  5. Conferences
  6. MSOM Annual Meeting for 2003 will be at USC (Sampath Rajgopalan and Yehuda Bassok are the co-ordinators)

    MSOM Tracks in San Jose INFORMS 2002: Saif Benjafaar reported that all tracks are filled and we are doing well.

    There is a conference in Istanbul and MSOM is invited to participate and support: contact person is Nesim Erkip

  7. MSOM Journal
  8. Candy Yano asked that our community continue to support the Journal through submission of good quality papers

    Mike Magazine updated us on the status of the search for the new Editor-in-Chief; 20 names were originally proposed; 10 were asked to respond with a position statement; the final two candidates are being discussed by the committee that will propose a name to INFORMS Board in August.

  9. MSOM Budget presented by Sridhar Tayur:
  10. Net income between $4500-$5000, with three main sources of expenses: MSOM Journal support; Cash prizes for MSOM awards; MSOM Reception costs

  11. New Website and Portal:
  12. Ananth Iyer presented a vision of what a MSOM community portal is intended to do, and the first steps towards it; he will follow up with an email with the temporary URL and encouraged the community to contribute to the content as well provide feedback about form and vision.

  13. Closing by new President Ananth Iyer:

Call for volunteers for the MSOM Student paper Competition; Thanking the outgoing officers: Rachel Zhang, Steve Gilbert, Sridhar Tayur

Minutes respectfully submitted by Sridhar Tayur.