MSOM Business Meeting Minutes, MSOM 2000 Conference
June 26, 2000 (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

At 11:28 am, President Ron Askin began by calling the meeting to order and welcoming the members to the meeting.

Minutes of the Salt Lake City Meeting

Ron then asked the members for comments about the minutes of the Spring INFORMS conference (in Salt Lake City) that were put online at the previous week. Since there were no comments, those minutes were then approved.


Steve Gilbert reported on the MSOM cluster for the next INFORMS conference in San Antonio, TX, in November 5-8, 2000. Eighteen or nineteen sessions were submitted, encompassing a good variety of topics. Steve also mentioned that additional sessions are still accepted through the end of June despite the passed deadline. After that, he still would like to receive additional sessions but cannot guarantee that they will be accepted in the program. Members can reach Steve at

Ron then reminded the members that the MSOM 2001 conference is expected to be held in Santa Clara, CA next summer. Tava Lennon Olsen reported a decision that was made the previous day (June 25) at the Multi-Echelon conference. Multi-echelon conference attendees decided to hold the Multi-Echelon 2001 conference a day before the MSOM 2001 conference in Santa Clara or at the alternate location of the MSOM conference. Candi Yano volunteered to ensure that a chair for the Multi-Echelon conference would be found.

The next issue discussed was the timing of the MSOM 2001 conference. The International INFORMS conference is currently scheduled to be held in Maui, Hawaii from June 17-20, 2001. Due to commencement ceremonies at Santa Clara University on June 16-17, 2001, the MSOM 2001 conference cannot be held at Santa Clara immediately before the Hawaii meeting. An alternate site for the MSOM 2001 conference is Berkeley and Candi Yano has volunteered to host the conference in the event of a change of venue. Ron asked to get a sense of the membership's preference on the timing of the conference with a show of hands. The question posed was how many members would attend the conference if it were held immediately before/immediately after/3-5 days after/one month after the INFORMS conference. Members could vote for as many options as they wanted. The results were as follows: Next, Ron Askin noted that Greg DeCroix will be organizing the MSOM cluster of sessions for the INFORMS Summer 2001 conference in Maui, Hawaii. Greg can be reached at

Finally, Seyed Iravani introduced himself and reminded members that he will be organizing the MSOM cluster of sessions for the INFORMS Fall conference in Miami, FL on November 3-8, 2001. Anyone interested in organizing a session for this conference should contact Seyed at

Treasurer’s Report

Valerie Tardif gave a brief treasurer’s report. In a few words, MSOM ended the year 1999 with a balance of $29,207 and currently has $26,167 in the bank.

Report on the M&SOM Journal

The floor was next turned over to Ananth Iyer who reported on behalf of Lee Schwarz, Editor-in-Chief of M&SOM, on the status of the journal. Ananth, quoting from the Editor's Report of June 6, 2000, went over a number of good news and sobering points. Submissions to the journal skyrocketed following the publication of the first issue in April 1999. The journal received 100 new submissions during 1999. Larry Wein, editor of Operations Research reported that new submissions to OR were down 2/3 in 1999. Cycle times have increased slightly during 1999, but are still excellent. For example, the range of average cycle times for the manuscripts that have been accepted but not yet published is 25.3 to 109.5 days. The grand average cycle time for these 11 manuscripts is 52.8 days. The journal has hired a new Managing Editor, Connie Seitz, the fourth in four years. Vinayak Deshpande has become the new webmaster so manuscript tracking is now up to date.

M&SOM will be quarterly in 2000. The second issue will be printed and distributed in July and will contain the extended abstracts of the winners of the 1999 MSOM Student Paper Competition. As before, titles and abstracts of the upcoming papers are available at the journal website The journal plans to become web-based with respect to manuscript processing before the end of 2000.

Nine universities or their Operations Management/Manufacturing Management (OM/MM) centers were sponsors of the journal in 1999. Sponsors are listed in every issue of the journal. They provide financial assistance of $1000 and advice to the Editor-in-Chief. Ten universities or OM/MM centers have signed up for 2000 and the journal is grateful for the MSOM sponsorship.

Last, but most important, the journal is an intellectual success. However, in order for INFORMS to continue to publish M&SOM, it must begin to break even, or at least get close to breaking even. M&SOM was distributed free of charge to MSOM members during 1999 in recognition of its financial support for the start up of the journal. During 2000, everyone - even the Editor-in-Chief, Senior Editors, etc- must be subscribers in order to receive the journal. Ananth then concluded by strongly encouraging members to subscribe. MSOM members may subscribe to either print or online issues for $58/year. Students receive discounts. Visit the INFORMS website for more details.

Discussion of Dues

Ron reminded the members that the dues are currently $10 for members and non-members of INFORMS and $5 for students. Ron proposed the idea of rolling part of the subscription fee for M&SOM into MSOM dues and providing the journal at a discount to MSOM members. Mike Magazine brought up the issue that this might be unattractive to members who prefer to subscribe to the whole suite of INFORMS journals electronically for the flat fee of $99. A second proposal was made to simply raise the MSOM dues and support the journal more significantly. However, the question of how much money is needed by the M&SOM journal to break even could not be answered. It was therefore agreed that Ron would check into some numbers and bring a few concrete proposals to the membership at the next conference. Richard Steinberg mentioned that it would help the journal if more universities could subscribe. Tim Smunt then mentioned that his university had had some difficulty with INFORMS in their attempt to subscribe to M&SOM. The question of which universities, or at least, how many of them, currently subscribe was posed and Ron volunteered to look into that.

Student Paper Competition

Ron Askin reminded members that we need a volunteer for the 2000 Student Paper Competition. Since the beginning of this competition, the student papers awards have been given at the Fall Business Meeting. Sridhar Tayur noted in the past, the two and a half months between August 15 and the Fall INFORMS Meeting have provided ample time to review the papers and select the winners. Sridhar Seshadri and Ravi Anupindi of the Stern School of Business, New York University have volunteered to handle the MSOM student paper competition. Sridhar can be reached at

Upcoming MSOM Conferences

Tim Smunt then requested volunteers for the MSOM conference in 2002. Larry Robinson noted that in 2002, it will be the 25th anniversary of the Multi-Echelon conference, held first in Cornell in 1977. Larry then volunteered to hold both the Multi-Echelon and the MSOM conferences at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York in 2002. It was also mentioned that UNC-Chapel Hill had previously shown interest in hosting the 2002 conferences. Tim Smunt will contact both institutions for more information and report back to the board before the upcoming INFORMS meeting. The timing remains to be decided. Larry can be reached at

After thanking all for attending, Ron Askin adjourned the meeting.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Valerie Tardif.