The most exhaustive study to date of the UK corporate real estate world

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Corporate Occupiers 2012 from Property Week provides a full picture of how the office market will change across Britain in the next 10 years, plus investigates how occupiers approach property in a recession.

Published in association with CoreNet Global UK, the British Council for Offices and IPD Occupiers, this 122-page book is the definitive guide to what occupiers want from the property industry.

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Corporate Occupiers 2012 explores the changes  to the market and the way the way are impacting businesses and consequently their real estate strategies, which are going through the biggest transformation in years.

In addition you will find:

  • Individual real estate strategies and information on the UK and global portfolios of 30 occupiers

  • Typical lease lengths and how a freehold vs leasehold portfolio affects occupier decisions

  • Future strategies and the most important challenges occupiers' businesses are facing

  • Contact details of 60 real estate professionals across the industry

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Property Finance 2013
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Following the success of Property Finance 2012, the 2013 edition will be available to pre-order soon